Springboard is a practice of bespoke physical therapy: completely custom and individualized to you. The philosophy is far reaching but singular: injury is a chance for you to become better. That means get well, recover, re-prioritize, renew, and evolve.

Recovering from injury can actually elevate your game or sport — allowing for smarter play and more intelligent training. For those who just exercise for wellness or fun, there is always a way to perfect your form or workout.

Springboard's tenets are posture and muscle balance as well as training for what you really want to do. There is also a healthy dose of common sense regarding what is realistic and attainable. Your physical therapy goals at Springboard are actionable: we will outline the plan and achieve it together.

Over many years, the message has been — “I came to fix my back. I didn't realize how much more I would gain.” That sentiment is Springboard: take a leap to find out what we are about and how much more you can do.


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Untraditional Physical Therapy — an hour or more of manual therapy by the sole practitioner with over 20 years of experience treating a myriad of injuries and syndromes. Can provide wide referral base of MD‐s, Massage Therapists and Acupuncturists, Cranial Sacral Therapists and Feldenkrais Therapists as well as Personal Trainers as necessary and appropriate


Can provide sport specific training to return to the highest level of function. Often provides continuous treatment throughout a training period such as a marathon to ensure best function and keep ahead of any issues.

Can orient recent "graduates" to classes, such as Spin, by attending and riding with them to guarantee personal set up/best form as well as best performance (and that no bad habits start).



Many graduates begin classes or a independent exercise program remarking “I never thought I could do this.” Can introduce virtually any type of exercise modality as requested. Can offer a wide array of fitness professionals for referral including Pilates, Gyrotonic, Alexander Technique, Boxing, as well as others.



Attends class regularly with patients to ensure that no issues arise. Often bridges the gap toward "graduation" by attending classes as a support/observer ensuring proper form and that no relapse occurs.

Can offer private Pilates — Concept training related to physical therapy issues or as adjunctive treatment.

"It's not what happens, it's how you handle it"


Laura Tesch

Laura Tesch has been practicing Physical Therapy for close to 20 years. Prior to that, she danced professionally with several modern dance companies having received her BFA from Tisch School for the Arts. Dr. Tesch concurrently taught Pilates and developed an abdominal endurance program for the Peninsula Spa while completing her pre-medial studies at Columbia University. During this time, she co-authored several papers about the effects of insulin resistance and obesity for the St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Obesity Research Center.

Dr. Tesch received her degree as part of the inaugural doctoral class for Physical Therapy from New York University. She has worked in private practice since that time, founding Springboard Consulting in 2008.

She has a unique perspective regarding treatment given her background in dance, distance running and Pilates. Laura has also undergone multiple orthopedic surgeries over the last decade allowing her to deeply understand what it feels like to be a patient and recover from injury.

Laura firmly believes that injury can be an opportunity for personal growth and change for the better. She sees this daily in her practice and feels a responsibility to help her patients experience this as well.


Dr. Laura Tesch can be reached through email or phone:


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